At Blackhills Pottery, John Christie creates simple, functional, country pottery for everyday use. He often uses glazes created with mixtures of locally dug clay, vegetable ash and feldspar, fired in a traditional wood-fired kiln.

The pottery and showroom is situated on Blackhills Estate. Fans of John Christie’s wood fired pots will be pleased to know that the showroom will be opened on request.

Please call in advance if you would like to visit the pottery, view or buy a pot. Cash and cheques accepted.

Watch this short film made about John and his work by his younger daughter Helen and her husband, Rhys Chrabsolom. Filmed over the course of a week, it shows a firing of the 64 cubic foot kiln at Blackhills Pottery. The film talks about John's techniques and philosophy gained through 48 years of pot making.

The pottery has its own website which you can find here

Email or telephone 01343 842223.

Photography © Lakrista Morton